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Unknown-8 Unknown-9 Unknown-7Expert in diet and non-surgical alternatives for fat loss naturally. Founder of BSE, Dr. Stephanie King, DC, RN reviews the latest body contouring devices on the market today and endorses the BSE line.  Dr. King, DC, RN consults and endorses the BSE Ultra Slim line of equipment and she consults with the training team bringing her insight and knowledge for best results. BSE has  trainers in California,  Delaware, Australia and New Zealand.  Dr. King, DC, RN has brought nearly 20 years of experience in developing techniques for patients who have failed other health programs and has been researching her whole life due to her own personal struggles with weight and hormones, she brings a unique insight to our team of instructors for incorporating proper nutritional techniques with this technology. King has continued her research in this field furthering her education in regenerative medicine and adding her family nurse practitioner degree to continue to develop additional techniques and protocols to better serve clinic and patients. Amanda M Training

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And as a BSE team member you will learn these insights and methods so you can provide this same successful formula to your patients. This perspective with our hands-on training makes us unique.



  • A proprietary system developed by BSE owner, Stephanie M. King expert in diet, nutrition and hormone imbalances and advancements in non-surgical units taught by our BSE professional experts hands-on at a certified BSE location or for an additional fee our BSE authorized team will come to you.
  • The BSE system that is proven to work because we use it daily in our own private clinics
  • From start to finish protocols, materials, supplies everything you need to start adding body contouring to your business
  • Professional technical support to ensure you always know how to provide the best treatment
  • The do’s and don’ts of using your equipment from a live person not a book
  • Hands on training for you and your staff
  • We help you answer your patient’s questions – always have the right answer have our 20 years experience behind you
  • Bring our expertise to your clinic and feel safe and secure having a family team behind you
  • We are a concierge group and we will treat you like family be a part of the BSE team

TRAINING AVAILABLE at the following locations for hands-on or onsite at your location ask our sales team for details:

  • Southern California
  • Delaware
  • Australia
  • BSE will fly direct to your location for hands-on training on site ask for details.
  • More Training Locations available is US please ask for details.


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