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UnknownWith the BSE System using the Ultra Slim Plus line you will see the greatest results with focussed ultrasound technology. With the Ultra Slim Plus II you have the added benefit of Radiofrequency.

What is Focussed Ultrasound and how is it used for spot fat reduction?

Ultrasound is the only proven effective non-invasive spot fat reduction therapy for average to smaller body contours, long term weight loss and more defined, toned body body contour. It is a very precise technology that has been in the marketplace for years. Used for visualizing organs, treating pain and diagnosis it is now used for targeted fat loss.   Painless and non-invasive with no scarring, no recovery time or downtime.

Harnessing the precision of ultrasound waves, leaving the surrounding tissues untouched and only targeting fat cells the fat layer of the skin is forced to release the fat and the fat cells which are then processed by the body’s natural fat burning process. The empty fat cells are removed as body’s tissue waste. The results are less fats in the targeted area and visible inch loss.

Areas best treated are stomach, bra line, hips, thighs but any pocket with pinchable fat can be treated.

Our Ultra Slim Plus II has the added benefit of Radiofrequency which sends an electric wave below the muscle to help the body pulse and move the fat out through the lymphatic system. It further stimulates that body’s natural process for collagen and elastin production causing an instant tightening and toning effect to the area.

100 watts of power to drive the perfect frequency for fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite softening. This unit is one of the highest powered on the market. 4 plated handle for cavitation yielding 4x the power into the areas treated. Body and Face RF components for treating face sagging and wrinkles as well as body toning.

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