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At BSE we want the best for our patients and clients. With our units in order to protect our machines, warranty and the patients who our equipment is used on we have developed the best products to delivery the high powered sound and currents that deliver the best results on the market today. 

Our Ultra Slim Line – The Express, Plus II and Plus II Platinum all require gels, creams and serums to transmits this powerful sound and current to deliver the best results. Our protocols not only enable our clinics to deliver these top results but our products create the best protections, delivery and results.

Our units use the BSE line. Our products are free of harmful chemicals and are designed to work with our Ultra Slim Line to deliver the best performance and not damage our units and be amazing our our patient’s skin.

Make sure your clinics use the BSE products and if you own our BSE line in order to ensure your warranty continue to use our products to product your unit and deliver the top results. You will need a user name and password to purchase from our store or email us for your product order:


Four our RF high frequency treatments and pre-slimming:

BSE High Frequency cream (all natural, no chemicals added) slow to melt to ensure safety to the skin for high powered high frequency units, with pump for easy to use and no contamination like messy jars. Specifically designed for the Ultra Slim Line and only available to the BSE clients:

FullSizeRender 2


Pure BSE Hyaluronan (all natural, highest purity, no chemicals added) thick high purity serum designed to add high moisture and protective layer to thin skin areas especially good for face. Designed to use with the Ultra Slim Line 4 pixel to increase results. Double the size silky texture. A must use with face sessions for pictured results:




Are you washing and replacing your straps between clients –WE ARE–and we train and recommend with each training session. Make sure to purchase your extra straps for your large Cavi-handles. We have received handles back with “crusted” unwashed straps. These should be washed and cleaned between each treatment along with your unit. All warranties area void if units not properly cleaned including handles.


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