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2_w160_h240_s1_PR10_PCffffffWe’re all busy, and we all struggle to find time for exercise. Too often, we let other commitments occupy more of our time than anticipated, forcing us to skip planned workouts – and that’s totally understandable. But, that missed workout might be doing more damage to your routine than you imagine.

Research shows that regular exercise boosts productivity, mental focus and energy. But, you probably know that, and it’s likely a part of your motivation for spending time at the gym. However, did you know that research also indicates that for those individuals maintaining regular exercise routines, skipping a session can lead to lethargy, anxiety, loss of sleep and moodiness?

There are several reasons your body creates that kind of response to missed exercise. First, after a prolonged period (weeks or months) of providing your body with the endorphin release resulting from exercise, your body misses that feeling and enters a kind of minor withdrawal.

Second, your body has become accustomed to expending, replenishing and storing certain proteins and nutrients. When that cycle schedule is broken, your body starts looking for a way to burn off that stored energy. The results aren’t always comfortable, unfortunately.

To avoid these problems, simply make your workout a part of your schedule. Put it on your shared calendar. Make sure coworkers, friends and family know it’s a time that can’t be moved or interrupted by meetings. It should be no less important than any other regular responsibility, because missing it can have a major effect on your ability to manage all of those other Responsibilities. Exercise is an important part to any lifestyle change.

With the BSE system to try see your results last we recommend some type of lifestyle change that includes working with a Nutrition program and movement. If you work with one of our BSE clinics you will have the opportunity to implement wellness with your Ultra Slim Plus II treatment and truly see lasting, permanent results.


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