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anti-agingDo your clients complain of sagging, wrinkles, lack of collagen?

Do your clients come in just before an event for a quick lift but don’t want fillers or artificial products with chemicals or surgery.

Our all natural  Radiofrequncy (RF) is the ultimate in anti-aging, restoring collagen and skin-tightneing without any chemicals or surgery. Our RF is combined with our Ultrasound Cavitation unit for the ultimate in treatment options in your clinic or medspa. Off the option of skin tightening for the body and/or face. For those with comprehensive line of skin care products this is the perfect adjunct to add to your facials for the ultimate Anti-wrinkle face lift.

Full training, support and instruction to help you take your clinic to the next level. Talk to us about our BSE Ultra Plus II Cavitation/RF unit and watch your clients get amazing results.


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