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Body Slimming Experts has found a 50-60% improvement in the effectiveness of Ultrasound devices following one-on-one training sessions with our team yielding 90-99% results. We have found that many facilities who have purchased Ultrasound cavitation devices like Cavi-Lipo have received only a booklet or simple instructional video and when our expert team is sent out to a location for formal one-on-one training after being sought out for our program we see that often the technician doesn’t even know how to hold the handle correctly, let alone use the device to optimize performance for there client/patient base. We recommend that you have a one-on-one training program with onsite instruction for your medical grade device to have the best performance for your new technology in your facility. We also suggest to all patients that you seek out facilities that only have trained and licensed staff and technicians that have gone through training and not simply purchased a device and begun use on you without anything more then a video training.

BSE clinics, and clinics that have reached out for our professional programs receive hands on personalized instruction one-on-one plus lifetime technical support. Trust the best and expect the best for your health and body. We are national and now international and are helping clinics optimize there results and reach there passion to help clients/patients look amazing.  Our clinics also receive exclusive ability to distribute our proprietary product line to optimize the results of these body slimming devices.

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plastic_surgeon149Does Cavi-Lipo Work? The Question is does any device work on it’s own when it comes to body sculpting when used without the proper training and support.

At Body Slimming Experts we have gone above and beyond to work with a team of experts in diet, nutrition and natural devices who has not only benefited from the use of the devices on there own body but has been instrumental in the development and nutritional programs for body slimming devices internationally.

The Cavi-Lipo equipment is not endorsed by the BSE system.  BSE does not work with or distribute this equipment but many sales people use this name in selling and advertising it to gain credibility. After a year of looking into the technology we found that there were better options and turned down establishing a permanent relationship of consulting and training with this company.  Good technology and equipment is only as good as the technician who uses it and a technician is only as good as the training behind the company that sells and promotes the equipment. With the BSE system we have found that with the right equipment and training the Ultrasound process will yield results from 1/4-3 inches per session without the BSE system some technicians will see no change at all, resulting in disappointed clients who write bad Yelp reviews about the clinic and practitioner. Remember, this device like any technology  REQUIRES TRAINING, it is not a plug and play device. When the BSE team is sent into a clinic, we make sure only trained staff are using the equipment. Each person is trained by our professional team to follow our protocols. Our protocols go beyond simple use but also pre-screen to make sure you the client, are a candidate as this is a medical procedure with pre, during and post specific instructions. Additionally we have screened and tested 7 devices on the market to find the best and what works best with our protocols.   Its also important to know, that the King Protocols, have specific proprietary products that each person utilizes as well as pretreatment directions prior to, during and after the process so you have the best results. We also monitor our clinics and pull them off our treatment locator pages if they do not continue to live up to our high standards.

Unfortunately Manufacturers hire sales agents that have no medical background and are not referring to the Professionally Trained Distributors Body Slimming Experts  to sell the equipment and units like Cavi-Lipo has been sold with no instruction by untrained sales agents with nothing more then a Skype instruction of how to turn on/off. Even large five star spas, have been victims of this type of selling technique. These untrained Spas then use this device on everyone the same way. When a problem occurs, they often search the net looking for the answer as to why the machine is not working on an individual. When they cannot find the answer they usually tell the client it’s their type of fat that is the problem or a myriad of reasons why they could not get the results they had paid for. The spas, nail salon’s and other untrained personal that buy this Medical Device, would rather steal the information from other sites, than pay for instruction and training. We advise people who contact us to look for a BSE certified clinic or to contact BSE directly to confirm there clinic is certified because many clinics now simply lie and deceive clients for the business. We receive over 20-30 calls/emails a day from untrained facilities asking simple questions on how to use there Ultrasound device properly as they have never received training and these are the very people you are paying top dollar to for your health and body image. We recommend that they complete a training program for proper instruction but many do not pay for this but they take your dollar.

Amanda M TrainingIn an effort to help patients/clients who are dissatisfied or who want to make sure they receive a good program we are happy to help you get the best results. Simply contact Body Slimming Experts via emails please do not bombard our private clinic phones, and we will help guide you to a safe and reputable location. We also will give you a list of questions to make sure you are working with a skilled, trained technician and not simply someone working out of nail salon without any real training. Watch where you go for any Body Slimming Procedure this is your health. Cavi-Lipo or any other device for that matter. Untrained clinics, will simply make something up as they don’t have the training or experience to make the device work for the specific individual. Ultrasound Cavitation is not a “magic wand” but in the right hands can be an amazing device that yields the closest results we can get to surgery without any side effects. Talk with your trained professional today to find out if this is the right path for you.

The BSE system for the New Revolution in Body Contouring is Ultrasound Cavitation now is the US being utilized to help patients burn fat cells and jump start a healthy life of weight loss as well as assist in tightening and smoothing skin. Who wouldn’t like to shave some years and look great without having to put endless hours of exercise into it? Let’s face it, working out is difficult and sometimes results do not come to us as quickly as we would like! This completely non-invasive procedure takes less than one hour per area and is reasonably priced with visibly guaranteed results same day.

Based on low frequency ultrasound, the transducer on the cavitation ultrasound machine sends ultrasonic waves through the skin and targets those problem areas. Cavitation occurs naturally with low frequency ultrasonic waves where bubbles build within liquid that gradually grow, imploding once they hit  certain sizes. Fat cells are not able to withstand any vibrations around them, therefore leading them to break apart under the skin. Since cavitation is completely natural, it avoids doing any muscular, vascular or tissue damage. Basically you lose both the fat and the cell without any change to any other tissue.

Anesthesia is not necessary prior to the use of the cavitation ultrasound machine. This simple procedure can be done within the clinic and results are typically seen immediately. It is suggested to periodically maintain these treatments in order to see the best results. You may experience slight warmth during the procedure  and extreme thirst. These mild side effects are completely natural and will go away once you drink water.

In comparison to other fat reduction procedures, cavitation lipo seems like the best way to go! At this point, what do you have to lose? It’s non-invasive, can be performed in the clinic  under an hour and is reasonably priced with virtually no pain or side effects. When performed by trained professional the results are nothing short of amazing.

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