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UnknownWith the BSE System using the Ultra Slim Plus line you will see the greatest results with focussed ultrasound technology. With the Ultra Slim Plus II you have the added benefit of Radiofrequency.

What is Focussed Ultrasound and how is it used for spot fat reduction?

Ultrasound is the only proven effective non-invasive spot fat reduction therapy for average to smaller body contours, long term weight loss and more defined, toned body body contour. It is a very precise technology that has been in the marketplace for years. Used for visualizing organs, treating pain and diagnosis it is now used for targeted fat loss.   Painless and non-invasive with no scarring, no recovery time or downtime.

Harnessing the precision of ultrasound waves, leaving the surrounding tissues untouched and only targeting fat cells the fat layer of the skin is forced to release the fat and the fat cells which are then processed by the body’s natural fat burning process. The empty fat cells are removed as body’s tissue waste. The results are less fats in the targeted area and visible inch loss.

Areas best treated are stomach, bra line, hips, thighs but any pocket with pinchable fat can be treated.

Our Ultra Slim Plus II has the added benefit of Radiofrequency which sends an electric wave below the muscle to help the body pulse and move the fat out through the lymphatic system. It further stimulates that body’s natural process for collagen and elastin production causing an instant tightening and toning effect to the area.

100 watts of power to drive the perfect frequency for fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite softening. This unit is one of the highest powered on the market. 4 plated handle for cavitation yielding 4x the power into the areas treated. Body and Face RF components for treating face sagging and wrinkles as well as body toning.

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By definition, Radio Frequency (RF) is the number of oscillations (or waves) per second of the electric and magnetic fields within the radio waves portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the aesthetic field, these waves are the newest and most promising technology in the treatment of loose and sagging skin and are the most recent and most popular, non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure without downtime, surgery, chemicals or medicines.

RF treatments cause the heating of fat cells in the adipose layer.  This loose connective tissue is comprised mostly of adipocytes and stores energy in the form of lipids (fats). The heat from RF forces the adipocytes to release the fatty acids into the lymphatic system, which acts as a filter for the body.  Once the fatty acids are released from the adipocytes, they shrink and the body becomes slimmer. Basically using the RF in combination with the Ultra Slim Plus II’s Cavitation unit you have accelerated and enhanced fat melting results unlike cavitation only units.

In addition to slimming the body, RF technology heats both the dermal and subcutaneous layers of skin this is important for ANTI-AGING MANAGEMENT. The Ultra Slim Plus II utilizes TriPollar radio frequency, which combines monopolar and bipolar energy in one hand-piece (one for the body and one for the face). TriPollar energy is delivered into multiple layers of skin while protecting the surface layer. This heating process during treatment causes collagen fibers within the layers of skin to contract. The contracting of fibers tightens the skin creating a tighter, brighter, more youthful appearance. New collagen and elastin fibers below the surface are created as a result of the increase in metabolism of fibroblasts. This production causes the long lasting effects that individual’s desire.

The desire for tighter skin is most often wanted for an individual’s face and neck. RF treatments alone are mostly commonly used on the face and neck to tighten mild to moderate sagging of facial tissue. The best results are usually seen on individuals in their mid-30s to mid-50s.

By treating the forehead, the skin across the forehead is tightened and eye brows are lifted. By treating under the eyes, the skin is thickened, tightened and the upper cheeks are lifted. Across the cheeks, RF lifts the skin slightly and diminishes large pores. Over the mid-face, RF diminishes sagging across the jaw line and shrinks jowls. Under the neck, RF diminishes the ‘waddle’ or ‘chicken neck’ that so many individuals see as they age. With RF advancements, immediate results are seen in almost all patients during the first treatment.

RF treatments can be performed on any skin type, without anesthesia or alterations in normal daily routines. TriPollar radio frequency, which is used by the Ultra Slim Plus II, focus the energy with its technological design. When comparing non-ablative (procedures that do not involve the destruction of the outer layer of the skin) techniques, RF energy differs from laser (light) energy treatments in that light energy tends to scatter or absorb into the upper layers of the skin, making it difficult to deliver sufficient heat into the deeper layers without damaging the skin’s surface. While lasers affect collagen in the upper dermis, RF energy is able to penetrate deeper into the skin (below the muscle) and affect the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers, causing tightening and improvements to the underlying tissue structure.

During treatment, a mild heating sensation can be felt over the treatment area. It ends as soon as the device is removed from the skin. During and immediately following treatment, some redness can be seen. It should disappear within an hour or so. A client is advised to avoid contact with the sun, natural or artificial, for many hours following treatment. Sun block should be administered to ensure rays are avoided while walking to and from a location and while driving in an automobile. Our BSE team will ensure you have a high grade medical line of sunscreen which is available on our shopping cart for client’s only to protect the new skin during and after treatment.

While the face seems to be most desire location for RF treatments, many desire skin tightening on other parts of their bodies. Some of the most advantageous areas for treatment are underarms (or bat wings), abdomen, thighs and buttocks. When fat cells swell within the hypodermis layer, they push the dermis against connective tissue and cause cellulite. The Ultra Slim Plus II works by treating the fat under the skin through Ultrasound Caviation and follows up with RF. These processes are done together to further tighten and smooth the skin and fatty layers; removing the cellulite and slimming the skin immediately.

TriPollar RF treatments have been clinically proven to tighten and re-contour skin, leaving it looking firmer and younger. Anyone treated with TriPollar can expect collagen contraction, with results varying from person to person.

A typical course of treatment for RF consists of six to eight sessions. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes (depending on the area being treated). While the results are immediate, the option of maintenance treatments should be considered to prolong the enhancements.

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Yes, It is safe, comfortable, non-invasive procedure with no known side-effects. The ultrasound energy only targets the fatty tissue layer beneath the skin and does not affect the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues.


No, it is pain free. The only discomfort come from hearing a high pitched sound in your ears, which is simply the sound of the ultrasound waves resonating in your ears and the ultrasound head can sometimes get a little warm but never unbearable.


20-40 minutes each area is recommended; Thighs (saddle bags), Abdominal (love handles), Hips (flanks), Buttock, Upper arm, etc… Typically we spend 20-30 min with Ultrasound followed by 10-20 min Radiofrequency for about an hour of total time.


The body continues to expel the liquefied fat cells up to 72 hours after treatment so plenty of water helps speed up the process along with vibrations, plate, lymphatic massage, lymphatic drainage supports, and liver supports.


Immediately, that is what’s great about the ultrasound cavitation. You may loose up to 2-3 inches after only one session time varies based on type of process used by your technician and whether just ultrasound or combination with radiofrequency.


Yes, low frequency ultrasound and radiofrequency generally works on cellulite by focusing on “cavitation effect” on the fat tissue while causing the skin to tighten when followed by (RF) and using compounds that help break up cellulite.


Radiofrequency (RF) works similar to the way your microwave oven reheats food. RF energy acts on your tissue to induce heat. The goal is to control the heating to be “just enough” to stimulate “good” tightening of your tissues.


Compared to other skin tightening treatment, the major difference for light and RF is that the epidermis or outer skin layer is not damaged in any way but the radiofrequency energy or light energy heats the deeper skin layers during the treatment. The body’s natural wound healing response then causes collagen changes in the skin with resultant skin tightening. A series of these treatments is usually performed for optimum results.


The pain level depends upon the device and setting used. Current treatments are less painful than older protocols as less energy and more “passes” are generally used.


The risk of scarring is very small. Make sure to let your technician know your level of comfort to protect your skin.


Some patients may experience skin redness, temporary swelling of the treated area and temporary numbness of the area.


No surgery required, minimal discomfort, may be used on all skin types, rare downtime, non-invasive technique that can tighten facial or body skin.


By Judi R

Cavi-Lipo removes fat and inches are lost fast

To understand the process of cavitation we must first identify what Cellulite is. Wikipedia gives us this definition;

Cellulite is a topographic skin change that occurs in most postpubertal females. It presents as a modification of skin topography evident by skin dimpling and nodularity that occurs mainly in women on the pelvic region, lower limbs, and abdomen, and is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue, leading to a padded or orange peel-like appearance.Cellulite is a description rather than a physical object. The term was first used in the 1920s, and began appearing in English language publications in the late 1960s, with the earliest reference in Vogue magazine, “Like a swift migrating fish, the word cellulite has suddenly crossed the Atlantic.”Its existence as a real disorder has been questioned,and the prevailing medical opinion is that it is merely the “normal condition of many women”.One cosmetic company has noted its historical place in industrialised societies as an “inappropriate term used by women to describe curves which they judge to be too plump and not very aesthetic”.

Synonyms include: adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, and gynoid lipodystrophy. Descriptive names for cellulite include orange peel syndrome, and cottage cheese skin.

The use of ultrasonic cavitation systems is one of the latest and most effective technologies for fat and cellulite reduction treatments. The machines are designed to focus high energy waves which effectively creates micro bubbles of vapour inside the adiposities and in the interstitial liquids of cellulite. This creates what is well known as a “cavitation effect”. Thanks to the liquid’s alternation of several phases which are; expansion and compression, the adiposities implode with the consequent release of water and fat into the surrounding tissue. This is then absorbed and meatabolized by the liver. The body in effect, effectively eats it’s own fat instead of storing it. An increase in thermal energy would be supposed to be a result but also a feeling of unwellness may be supposed as the body is “detoxifying”. It has been scientifically proven that cavitation is a very effective tool for fat removal, cellulite reduction, body shaping and skin tightening. Hence the popularity of cellulite cavitation machines in most medspas world wide. It must be stressed though that cavitation can never solely replace a healthy high-fibre diet and suitable exercise. It is also important to stay well hydrated as this helps the metabolisim of fats in the liver.

Ultrasonic assists in the reshaping of the body. Ultrasonic treatments are a non-invasive treatment, which is comfortable and painless. Other popular names for our Ultrasonic treatments are Lipo Cavitation or Fat Cavitation. Cavitation in not limited to women, many men are now making use of avitation treatments to assist in the removal of fatty hip deposits and overly large breast tissue. It can also help to reduce the need for a Gynecomastia operation for male chest fat reduction.



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