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10624753_10154592436495176_2052675501348841015_nIf you are in the East Coast area you have the opportunity of flying all the way to California to train with us or you can train with our amazing East Coast team Michael and Trish Landa. They have been with us for over a year now and I must say they “kick ass” when it comes to body slimming for all body types. Don’t let these body builders deceive you. They have impressive bodies but that means they KNOW nutrition, they KNOW the body AND they will WORK AS HARD FOR you as they do on their own body. I ONLY with they were in California working in my clinic.

I am honored to have them as my east coast trainers and must say they impress me daily with the work they do for all ages and body types with this unit. They also counsel their clients with food and lifestyle changes. These two are the real deal. If you purchase our equipment and are on the east coast side you can have the opportunity to train with Michael and Trish Land and still have all the wonderful support from BSE.

Take a moment to look at their amazing before and after pictures below and we can always allow you the opportunity to speak with them before making a final decision,


Dr. Stephanie King, DC






PLAT CLOSE UP SCREENDon’t miss out on seeing our body slimming equipment and BSE System at the Long Beach Show in July. We will be premiering our new 2015 Platinum Ultra Slim Plus II unit. The only high performance combination unit on the market with ultrasound technology, professional support and professional  instruction.

Whey choose BSE with the King Protocols Training System:

  • Targeted fat reduction
  • Body Shaping
  • Skin Tightening and Anti-aging
  • Same Day PAINLESS Results
  • No Down Time, No Needles, No Shocking, No Pain
  • Properly trained and certified avoid risks of burn, scars and lack of results when using equipment like ultrasound.
  • Use of the BSE System with Instruction will yield top results and top support for you and your clients/patients.

You receive with purchase:

  • New Platinum USPLUS II Unit or USPLUS II or BSE Express
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2 year optional upgrade to warranty
  • Lifestyle technical support and client/patient care
  • Locator placement on our website for direct patient referral
  • Certificate of completion once you complete our training program and certification with the BSE System and King Protocols
  • Marketing start up, forms, and turn key information to move your Body Slimming Business Forward.

Become a member of the BSE Family and be part of the certified and trained group using the King Protocols.


Come see us at Long Beach  and see our new updated equipment.












logo.pngUltrasound Cavitation is one of the newest body slimming technologies now available  to help your clients/patients lose inches permanently without surgery. Body Slimming Experts team has developed a system to take this device to the next level with a PROGRAM that will optimize your results and bring your clients/patients the safest care, healthy changes in lifestyle and the body they want. Bring both client/patient satisfaction, safety in use of program, natural products, and a great program for you to offer at your facility in the weight loss/sculpting arena. 

With the BSE system you can jump start a healthy lifestyle as well as assist in losing inches, tightening and smoothing skin FOR YOUR FACILITY and bring our passion to your place of business.

Ultrasound Cavitation has been seen and recommended on shows like the Doctors and Dr. OZ and is available to you through our Professional Team of Experts with Training Programs Customized for Your Facility and Number of Staff. Our Professional Programs include onsite training with licensed professional, Patient/Client Safety Training and Protocols Recommendations, Patient/Client Pre, Post and Follow-up Training Protocols, 24/7 technical support, Skype and Video conferencing and Support, Product Program and Support, Website, Facebook Youtube, Video, Professional Photos, Turn-key Brochures, and Marketing Programs. 

Our Expert Trained Clinics Nationally report an average lose of 1/4-2 inches on there first session depending on area treated, tighten and smoother skin.  Body Slimming Experts will only license and train within a limited geographical area so once your area is spoken for we will not be able to train within a certain distance so contact to lock in your area and start helping us expand excellent trained professionals to work with those patients/clients reaching out to us daily around the globe.







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