Ultrasound Cavitation The Most Advanced Non-Surgical and Body Shaping System

High frequency Ultrasound cavitation for fat melting meeting the demands for today’s aesthetic patient.

  • Targeted Fat Reduction
  • Body Shaping
  • Skin Tightening
  • Same Day Results
  • No-Down Time, No Needles, No Pain
  • No Costly Consumables, Excellant Marketing Support, Full Professional Technical Support Team, and Full Warranty
  • Professional Training
  • The Intelligent alternative to Liposuction and other Aesthetic Devices for Body Contouring

Nationally Recognized Ultrasound and RF Technology has appeared on show like “The Doctors” and “Dr. OZ” demonstrating targeting fat reduction with skin tightehning in as little as 30 minutes without pain, needles or downtime. The Ultra Slim Express and Plus II technology stimulates the fat cell through the power of ultrasound by vibrating them causing an implosion breaking down the fat and cell allowing the body to move the fat naturally out of the body as a waste product causing a contouring effect leaving you to lose inches in the targeted area. Because the fat cell is metabolized in the process this is a permanent treatment unlike lasers and completely painless. It is the closest you can get to surgery with an all natural process.

  • This powerful combination allows for even the most stubborn fatty deposits while enhancing lymphatic drainage.
  • Permanent results unlike many competitive aesthetic devices on the market today.
  • Works on body and face for the ultimate shaping and and natural face lift.



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